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The origin of the German Wagon can be traced to heavily built farm and goods vehicles of the Roman times They were sometimes brought to Australia by German settlers who reassembled and used them locally A characteristic of the body was the adjustable sloping sides supported by stays Later designs were often much modified versions that still bore the name “German Wagon” by then a genetic term for a heavy unsprung farm wagon.


Purportedly brought out from Germany by the Fourter family who settled in the Bega region, post 1855, the wagon has been in their possession ever since Donated to the Bega Valley Historical Society in 2002, the wagon can be directly linked to existing artifacts in the collection including harness, agricultural equipment, personal items and memorabilia. A rare and important example of its type, this vehicle is in very good and complete original condition. The provenance increases it’s value substantially, as does the interesting design feature of the removable body and adjustable perch (the main longitudinal undercarriage member) and the apparent potential of the fore and hind carnage with the body removed to be used for other heavy work such as carrying logs Evidence of original blue and red paint shows the traditional colours of farm wagons of the time in  Australia
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